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Our goal is to enhance original works and reach as wider audience 

as possible.

Daniele Marotta, cartoonist and illustrator, runs the School of Comics and Writing in Siena. Always interested in experimenting with language and cultural dissemination channels, he founded the Bandagialla Collective in 2018 and today, in 2021, Inkdrop Studio to give life to editorial projects that reach traditional publishing after an experimental path in self-production, in specific markets or in international crowdfunding.

Photo by Eolo Perfido

Why seek alternative editorial solutions?

Each book is a unique experience with specific needs. There are books that are stronger in specific contexts, such as genre fiction, or certain geographic areas, others that speak nimbly  only one's mother tongue, others still that can easily reach readers from all over the world. These characteristics are already present in the way a work is conceived and then produced. The author's intent and sensitivity already allocate a book to specific markets, and, making a mistake in the area of choice of a work can decree its premature disappearance or, on the other side, planting a book in the right soil can grow a robust literary case.

Inkdrop Studio was born in the heart of the School of Comics and Writing in Siena and aims to curate specific books that can make the most of suitable markets. By vocation we try to study the right publishing environment for authors and artists who pass through school and studio. It is no longer necessary for all projects to follow the same path. Mainstream works on topics of general interest can easily see the relationship with a good publisher, independent and original books can find the way to self-production and the author can spread it online or in conventions, building a public base that could finally get traditional publishers interested. Locally focused stories can be distributed easily and can make, in defined communities, the numbers of a national title; finally, books with a global reach can find their first rich editorial baptism in crowdfunding. We don't need to fill any catalogue, but try, instead, to raise projects with the right wings to fly far, this is what we love to do.

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