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The Inkdrop originals are books that audiences wait for... 

They are works designed for reference readers, be they the people of fairy tales or  Kickstarter; the inhabitants of a territory or fans of a genre. They are books designed and illustrated with skill, capable of immediately looking for the right winds to fly high. 


by Hans Christian Andersen

Witches Frolic is a very special 1888 selection from Ingoldsby Legends, a collection of supernatural legends, very famous at the time, written by Thomas Ingoldsby pseudonym of the English priest  Richard Harris Barham. The portfolio on witches  from which we have drawn this edition is wonderfully illustrated by Ernest M. Jessop. Follow the Kickstarter campaign from January 2022

witches frolic
ombra cover.jpg

A book for Siena, a book for everyone. 

Maria escapes the darkness through the streets of the magical city, helped by the creatures of the Palio, the totem animals of the districts of Siena. Born on a solitary quarantine night, Maria and the darkness is an initiatory journey in search of the courage to face the night, a journey that will inevitably end with being faced with the greatest challenge, the one against oneself. 

maria mockup 2.jpg
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