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In the nineteenth century, with romanticism and the spread of books as mass entertainment, the foundations of our narrative and cinematographic culture are laid. From the nibs of these great artists derive all contemporary comics and illustration.  There are dozens of lesser-known or classic jewels in particular editions that risk to get forever lost. Our Vintage collection offers to contemporary public small illustrated treasures, now in the public domain, reprinted in new practical and elegant editions. Each of our titles will be the subject of an international crowdfunding campaign.

witches frolic

The wonderful story we all love lives again in 2023 in this exceptional fine reprint from a very refined edition from the 1930s illustrated by Gwinedd E. Hudson. Follow our Kickstarter campaign in January to getPeter Pan & Wendyby J. M. Barrie in one of our exclusive handcrafted editions...

cover peter.jpg

Witches Frolic is a very special 1888 selection from Ingoldsby Legends, a collection of supernatural legends, very famous at the time, written by Thomas Ingoldsby pseudonym of the English priest  Richard Harris Barham. The portfolio on witches  from which we have drawn this edition is wonderfully illustrated by Ernest M. Jessop. Follow the Kickstarter campaign from January 2022

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