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Maria & il Buio, 2021


A monster in the night , an escape among the secrets of Siena, will little Maria be able to save herself, or will the darkness take her?

A book for Siena , a book for everyone. 

Maria escapes the darkness through the streets of this magical town, the creatures from the palio help her, totemic animals of the districts of Siena. Born in a night of solitary quarantine, "Maria e il Buio" is an initiatory journey in search of the courage to face the night, a path that will inevitably end with the struggle with the greatest challenge, the one against oneself. The helpers of this adventure are exceptional archetypes, the animals of the districts of Siena so deeply rooted in the tradition of centuries but ready, as soon as possible, to move alive through the city, animated by their reference people. 

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They wrote about "Maria & il Buio"

"The comic 'Maria e il Buio' [...] is already destined to represent a light at the end of the tunnel of the epidemic that is also gripping our city."

Riccardo Bruni 'La Nazione'

"In here there is everything, a work finally free from any rhetoric [...] there is the will to let the world breathe, ..."

Massimo Biliorsi 'La Nazione'

“Nothing is annihilated with a laugh, with a shrug of the shoulders.”

From the introduction by Duccio Balestracci

“The ghosts that live there, until they take the form of a page, a drawing or a painting, can also kill us…”

Francesco Ricci for

Maria e il buio

“It's amazing the ability with which this comic touches our deepest chords, …”

From the afterword by Katiuscia Vaselli


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